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Resume of Engineer Helmut Wiltschko Education:
Elementary School and High School in Vienna
Secondary School for Technical Professions HTL in 1040 Vienna, Argentinierstrasse 11 - field electro-technology
1985 graduation
1989 granting of the official title engineer
1995, 1996 ATGA seminars (Academy for technical building equipement)
2000 training as lightning master
2002 official appointment as Sworn Expert for Lighting Systems

1985 - 1988 technical employee at Karl Wiltschko, 1100 Vienna
1988 - 2000 technical manager at R. Gschnitzer Ltd., 1040 Vienna,
since 1996 with power of attorney
2000 self-employed
2001 foundation of a technical office for lightning systems
2002 Ing. Wiltschko Ltd.