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And there was light Engineer Helmut Wiltschko can look back on many successful projects. He is responsible for the lighting at the Palmers Group, Austrian Airlines, various Casinos in Austria, the Aquarium and Terrarium House of Schönbrunn, the Town Hall in Vienna, the Central Bank in Abu Dhabi and the Thaliastrasse in Vienna’s 16th district with the project “Arslumendi”.
Here you can find a short resume of engineer Helmut Wiltschko.
Arslumendi Thaliastraße“Arslumendi” is a lightning concept for the entire Thaliastraße, a road in Vienna’s 16th district. This lightning concept envisions the dynamic sampling of the shopping street through light and colour. The project “Arslumendi” provides the possibility to operate a computer-controlled lighting system all over the year. For the 16th district the project represents an economic and cultural appreciation of the most important shopping street, the Thaliastrasse. Above all, the topic light-art and communication in public space plays a specific role in the commercialisation of this initiative.